10 Things to do besides Netflix & Chill


If you are a millennial you have coordinated or received an invite to a Netflix & Chill session. For those who aren’t hip, let me explain. Netflix & Chill is a recession proof, very low profile “date”, if you will, that 11 chances out of 10 ends with clothes on the floor and Netflix watching you.  So here are 10 inexpensive date ideas to do before Netflix & Chill does you.

  1. Massages

Often you can find a Groupon or Living Social deal that offers a massages at a reasonable price. Some massage places offer lunch time, grand-opening or 2-for-1 specials. I suggest going to an actual establishment. Giving or receiving a massage at home can easily turn into a “Netflix & Chill” situation.

  1. Lunch Dates

We all need a mid-day break. I like to call these power lunches. You should never eat lunch alone. It’s great to bounce ideas around, get insight and just vent. Not to mention most restaurants offer lunch specials.

  1. Site Seeing/ City Tour bus

I am a fan of urban exploration, especially on the east coast. Once again, check out Groupon and Living Social for deals. Most major cities have a tourist bureau and offer self-guided tours depending on your interest.

  1. Movies on discount days

Every time you turn around, movie tickets are increasing. Hence the reason Netflix and chill is so popular these days. The movies don’t always have to be expensive. Saturday morning matinees are cheaper. Usually, theatres offer discount tickets on a specified day of the week or free popcorn.

  1. Ice Cream Dates

Ummm, this is self-explanatory. Who doesn’t like ice cream? It’s cheaper than dinner for two. Plus, you can always find out a lot about a person by their ice cream choice.

  1. BYOB Hookah and Restaurant

Personally, I like going on dates that allow you to interact with one another. Hookah relaxes you and is legal. Most hookah spots have a nice vibe with floor pillows and you can always bring a bottle of your choice. Going to a restaurant with BYOB allows you to cut down on the bill.

  1. Sixers Games are cheap

Well this is self-explanatory too. The Sixers aren’t really good but for the consumer it’s great. I suggest going to see a team with a good record go against the Sixers. This year I got to see Kobe play his last game in Philly.

  1. Create Something

I am a huge fan of DIY projects. Like picking ice cream flavors, creating something can let you know a lot about a person. It’s always relaxing to let your mind go and create.

  1. Ice Skating and hot chocolate in the Winter/Feeding the ducks and lunch in the park in the Summer

Ice Skating is fun and great exercise. If you are in Philadelphia consider yourself lucky. You have several options; Dilworth Plaza, Independence Blue Cross Ice Rink and the Wissahickon skate club. After the ice has thawed, you can always feed the ducks and pack some food

  1. Bowling

Nothing like a little healthy competition. Bowling also has discount nights. Not to mention, modern bowling allies give you the experience of a lounge, offering good eats and a fully stocked bar. Bowling is also good for double dates.


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