Always start with WHY?


My name is Imani and I have an opinion on almost anything. I have kept a journal since the age of 6. During that time, I held my first position as an elected official. First grade student council, to be exact. In the beginning, I wrote to express my feelings: anger, love, disappointment and abandonment. Those entries turned into poems about love I had yet experienced. Poems developed into short stories during college. I even have multiple articles on NBC10 website. Since I could remember, I always had this image of the person I am supposed to be. Now, I am vigorously pursuing her…primarily because I need her to surface more than ever.


The voice in my head will no longer allow my writing skills to lay dormant. For so long, I walked around the idea of blogging and building my own platform. Afraid, to tap into my gift and live on purpose.


Why Entrepreneurship & DATING?


As a 25 year-old female, African American, single without children, living in Philadelphia is how I got that answer…

The urban millennial needs SOMETHING DIFFERENT, especially in Philadelphia. Millennials eat, breathe, sleep and work different than any other generation in particular the Baby Boomers.

Not to mention, I was SOLD A DREAM in college. Especially, at the most illustrious university in this United States of America, Hampton University. In my mind, once I graduated I would never have to move back to my parents, drive my 750Li BMW within a year. I thought the next phase of my life would be there waiting for me in a gift box with a neatly tied Tiffany’s bow. WRONG. Honestly, I wanted to be the next Olivia Pope before Scandal and without scandal. I had my eyes set on the District of Columbia. My plan was deferred when my boyfriend at the time was murdered due to senseless gun violence in Philadelphia. Emotional and 21, I had just enough energy and “light” to finish school and remain on the dean’s list. Oh, and not go crazy.

These past 4 years without Terrell have been interesting. It has been at times a roller coaster.  Terrell was a part of that Tiffany’s box I thought was waiting for me. I just knew that we were going to get married and I would have his children. Never thought twice about it. We as people take the option to choose for granted. In 2011, I was brought back to the dating drawing board. This dating thing is crazy: feelings, titles, emotions, sex, friendships, hoes, former girlfriends, current girlfriends, ex-wives, old men, young men, the list really goes on. In this time, I have discovered who I am. I have dated enough to know what I like, don’t like and how much of the other stuff I can tolerate. I have dated my fair share of good men that just were not for me. (Sidebar: that whole, “it’s not you, it’s me” spiel is real). I have dealt with some interesting scenarios: good guys that are boring, bad boys that are no damn good, fair share of old heads with baggage, young buls who act their shoe size. Then there is always one that we fall in love with but it is just not your season.

After countless conversations with girlfriends and endless subliminal Instagram post, I realized I wasn’t the only black millennial perplexed by the dating game. So, I decided to create a platform for young people to decompress, gain some insight and clarity or just laugh. I plan to write and present the good, bad, ugly, ratchet, funny and unexplainable things of the game.

My reasons for wanting to write about entrepreneurship are simple. Here are all 10 of them.

  1. Black people, wake up! We have got to get back to entrepreneurship and cooperative economics to win again and as a whole. We need to generate the money to cut our own damn checks.
  1. Black female entrepreneurs are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in this country. So, I personally do not think God gave me the gift of writing, *sealed it with a degree in Journalism and Communications, cleared the path for me to be an entrepreneur* for me to NOT cover this topic.
  1. If I don’t make entrepreneurship work my parents will not retire how I feel they DESERVE!
  1. It holds me accountable in another way to this journey.
  1. By following my dreams I hope to inspire others to do the same.
  1. Only way I will be able to create the life I want.
  1. Need a positive outlet because this shit is by no means easy.
  1. I have a story that I can no longer contain.
  1. I need to become more comfortable with my power of influence.
  1. My city, community and peers need a dope platform that they can access at the snap of their fingers. We need a place where we can regroup, recharge and refocus without feeling crazy.


I hope you enjoy this ride to the top.



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