Be My Biggest Fan


Like Jay to Bey

Coretta to Martin

Can’t forget Barack to Michelle

Denzel to Pauletta

Medgar to Myrlie


But let’s be real, I got closer examples

I have people I can touch,

Share the same blood with


Noel to Reba

Charles to Peachroe

Brian to Aundray


Be my biggest fan

When this shit gets tough and I feel like giving up

Be my biggest fan

I’ll constantly give you something to believe in, something to fight for

Be like those crazy Eagles fans


When this America gets too America

And I’m too African for them

When they forget civilization started in my womb

Be my biggest fan


Be definitive in the way you love me

Be unlike the white man

One minute he’s looking at me weird

Stumbling over my name, uncomfortable with the curves of my hair

However, has no problem exploring?


Be my biggest fan

Because I will always be your voice

I will always have a loving loyal touch

In this cold world, which was built by us, am I asking for too much?


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