What Balance???


Balance does not exist. I don’t have children, yet, due, partly to my knowledge of said insight. I believe that there is a time and a place for everything. Much like all people and situations fit into three categories: reason, season, and lifetime.


I’ve learned that life is not about balance but rather keeping the plates spinning (follow me). There is a circus trick involving a dozen spinning plates on the end of poles. The circus performer has to keep all plates spinning, if one falls or slows down it will mess up the other 11. The performer has to continually evaluate the plates, steadily, orderly, and holistically. The key is not for him to keep balance, but to keep in tune with the rhythm and order of the plates moving around him.


The plates are our careers, families, faith, fun, significant others and our very own emotions. Sometimes we get so caught up on one plate, we forget to tend to the rest. This makes businesses suffer, relationships suffocate and we abandon the things that make us happiest. Sometimes we manage to pull away, still preoccupied with our past selves. However, like the circus performer, we must be PRESENT in the moment. When the performer is at plate 2 it’s not thinking about 12. When he/she goes to fix 5 it cannot fix 7 at the same time. That should be our approach to living a “balanced” life. When we see a problem or void we should fix it immediately. If we wait too long, it will shift through to other things in our life off.


As an entrepreneur, I have had to decide between cuddling and cutting a check sometimes. I still get an occasional text (from a number not stored) saying “you always working”, he last thing any entrepreneur wants to hear. In all honesty, all we need is genuine support and a HUG! A whisper saying, “it’ll ALL be alright”, never hurt anyone. Dating & Entrepreneurship is about finding a common ground with a person who is worth it. Remember, entrepreneurship is not for everyone neither are YOU.



“It takes patience & determination for, both, love and your career for either to succeed…and often times it becomes a juggling act of which ones takes precedence.

-S.Badiyah Austin


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