When God puts you on a bicycle…


God is the creator of all things. One of my favorite creations of his is seasons. Living in Philadelphia, I have had the privilege to experience all 4. I actually have a distinct fall and spring wardrobe. This past Sunday, March 20th was the first day of spring and a new season in my life. Usually the seasons I experience are slowly introduced. However, this season came in true form of a season.

Regardless of the weather (feelings), seasons (situations) change.

On the first day of spring, it barely broke 40 degrees and ended in light flurries, on the FIRST day of SPRING.

It was a contradiction that had to come together in order for me to grow through the situation at hand. Even though winter did not want to end, thinking it had more time, spring had other plans. What was the beginning of one season was the ending of another.

Throughout different seasons of my life I have been placed in different modes of transportation. This journey, the most valuable of all– I have been placed on a bike big enough for me and me alone.

No I do not believe people are self-made.

Don’t get me wrong, I am poppin’ but so are the folks around me.

However, this path I am on is mine and mine alone. I believe it’s to show me the things I thought I needed… I don’t. Maybe… it’s to get me alone and focus on me and hear things clearly.

I might have delivered this neatly but it’s not easy riding a bike. Nothing is cute about it at first. Or should I say when you notice you are on a bike “prematurely”.    It’s a cultivation of everything you have learned while riding a tricycle, double bike or hot air balloon. It’s different than any motorcycle, bus or car you have ever been in.

The bike is just you. If you do not move, the bike doesn’t. If you don’t find balance you will bust your ass one way or the other. Often, people go through life without ever finding the bike. Honestly, it’s because the bike is the scariest. Even though it gives you the most control. Bikes follow narrow paths. They allow you to go places no one else can. Bikes give you the flexibility to accelerate or decelerate at your own pace without ruffling others feathers. Bikes make you appreciate your own strength.

Bus- A lot of people get on. At first it looks like everyone is going to the same destination but people get off along the way.

Hot Air Balloon- A few people not knowing where they are going literally up in the air, patiently waiting to come down.

Car- Usually, cars can hold 4 to 5 people. Even though you are going to the same destination, someone else is still in control. Directing where everyone is going.

Motorcycle- They look good and are fast. You direct the motorcycle but you don’t make it go.

Two-Person Bike- You get this and you think it’s poppin, someone to split the work with, to make the uphill battle a little easier. You can be the one in the front and the one on the back decides it doesn’t want to be on your bike anymore and jumps off.

Today, I closed my eyes and this is what I saw…

I look down and notice this bike laying on my black and lavender Nikes. Emotionally, it’s the most humid day in July in Philadelphia, suffocating. I look to my right and its every bus, car, motorcycle I’ve ever been in or on. I look back at the bike, even wondering if I am strong enough to pick it up let alone ride it. I do know I don’t have the strength to walk back to all those other things. After all, they only could have brought me this far.


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