momentum: noun | mo•ment•tum |

the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes

A major goal of mine this year is to read 15 books. So far, I have completed four. On Sunday, I glanced at my bookshelf to see if it was material I should revisit. My eye caught StandOut: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolutionby Marcus Buckingham. I completed the book and strength assessment that accompanies it about a year ago. Picking up the book, I knew my strengths had not changed but I was sure that my perception of them had. As I flipped to the section covering ‘Influencer’, my top strength, I  noticed a word that had become too familiar this year, Momentum.

For the third time, the word momentum was staring me in the face. When the year started, I had a feeling of how I wanted it to go. Momentum summarizes that now undeniable feeling. In February, I started a 4-part personal development course in New York City called Momentum Education (I highly recommend it for ages 18-100). In addition, this summer I will be attending an annual conference for financial coaches in Las Vegas. The conference theme for 2016 is Momentum. The word clearly chose me, I didn’t choose it. So, it was a no brainer to purchase the binder, ‘Finishing Things Creates Momentum’, to keep things going.

My favorite productivity tool found @ Michael’s Crafts Store

When I looked up the word momentum multiple definitions surfaced. Everything from mechanics, philosophy and physics appeared. No matter the wording, the one recurring theme was strength. The strength we seek on the outside is usually within us. Within every adversity, there is an opportunity if you look hard enough. Adversity allows you to gain tools that would not appear on sunny days. It is all about the position you take that can create the momentum you have been looking for.

I believe momentum starts when we begin to keep the promises we make to ourselves. We can create the lives we want by committing to the things that will make us better people. Start with being 1% better everyday. When you keep promises to yourself, you establish a commitment. You begin to trust yourself. When you trust yourself you know which situations serve you. Being in the right place at the right time creates the perfect situation for momentum to occur. Get it?

Creating momentum in your own life takes action. Don’t let the overwhelming feeling of where to start paralyze you.

I am a very visual person and learner. I love vision boards, however, my new baby is an action board. Weekly, I list the top 7 things I need to complete. For each task, I think of everything that needs to be done to complete it. Then, I put the tasks into the following categories: less than 5 minutes,  less than 15 minutes,  less than 30 minutes, less than an hour and more than a day.
Personally, this has allowed me to be productive without being overwhelmed. It is easier  for managing  time as well. I am working on a worksheet that demonstrates this. I hope this helps get the momentum going in your life. *Be on the lookout for a Action Board Worksheet coming soon*


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