Secrets of Six-Figure Women

Earlier in the week I mentioned my quest to read 15 books. My favorite thus far is Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life
Just like you, I thought the book would be as corny as the title. Initially, I thought it would be one of those books where the author told you what you already knew. Every book I read the first 50 pages to see if it is something I want to finish. Needless to say, I was hooked at Chapter 1. I found it ironic that I started the book in Women’s History Month (March) and completed it in Financial Literacy Month (April).  For the past six weeks I have let the words of the book marinate. The book has caused me to stop and evaluate. Not necessarily to assess what is right or wrong but simply what is.

Personally, I believe women should read this book for the 5 following reasons:

  • Practical action steps: Do not just tell me what you did and how amazing it is. If you are going to write a book, give me the steps in a way I can break it down and apply it to my life and find my own truths.
  • Diversity of women: There is every type of earner in this book. From high earners who have no wealth to under earners who think they have no choice but to live pay check to pay check. One of the biggest lessons I have learned this year is regardless of our skin tone and circumstances we are built from, we have the same human needs. **I think humans forget we are all humans.**
  • Examines under earners: Not only is it important to know what to do but to also be aware of things that DO NOT serve you. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that our thoughts and embedded, generational ideologies do not serve us.
  • Encourages support: All I gotta say is, giving another woman a compliment or encouraging words NEVER HURT ANYONE! Men make more money than women. It is truly mind-boggling that we sometimes rather tear one another down opposed to lifting up one another.
  • Wealth/Legacy Building: Like Uncle Dame (Damon Dash) said, “I hustle for my first name, not my last.” In my case, both of my last names. Wealth and legacy building is not often taught in the African-American community. More times than not, we have to start from birth with wealth building.Now I realize everyone does not want to make $100k, however, everyone wants financial stability if not freedom. No matter your salary goal, the work begins on the inside. This book looks at principles and concepts that every woman needs to embody.

I’m working to pull out some other key concepts to share. Stay tuned.

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