#wcw: Shirley Chisholm

unbought and bossed

If you haven’t watched the news or social media within the past 24-hours, Hillary and the Trumpster snagged the New York primaries. That leaves just two rounds of multi-state primaries. Pennsylvania, we are up next Tuesday. (Click Here to locate your polling location or Here to register to vote). I hope your feel a Bern under butt, fingers and feet to get to the polls and VOTE. I have worked on both Presidential and State Senate campaigns. Therefore, I cannot express how crucial this voting cycle is. The lack of 20 votes per precinct can affect an entire election. Especially in a state like Pennsylvania.

Today, I wanted to pay homage to the 1st African-American woman

elected to Congress & run for President,

Shirley Chisholm.

Unlike Hillary, Shirley is actually from New York, Brooklyn to be exact. Graduating from Brooklyn College, she began her career as a teacher.  At one time she  was director of the Hamilton-Madison Child Care Center. She then served as an educational consultant for New York City’s Bureau of Child Welfare. In 1968, she was elected to congress representing Brooklyn’s 12th Congressional district where she served until 1982. Chisholm is also credited with being one of the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus.
In 1972, she sought the Democratic nomination for POTUS. Leading an energetic campaign, it was her goal to change the status quot not necessarily win. She was known for her resilience and fighting for the needs her community. During her lifetime she  published two books, Unbought and Unbossed and The Good Fight. She retired and spent her later years on the Palm Coast of Florida until she passed away in 2005. Every year on November 30th, communities in New York & Florida celebrate this historic trailblazer.

To watch Shirley Chisholm announce her presidential run, Click Here



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