The Only vs The One


Some lessons are shorter than others. Every blog post does not have to be long for the impact to be felt. Quality vs quantity people.

So here it is:
I ran into my old head at the gas station.

Just to give you some background because I know you want it. Shawn is someone I met about 2 years ago while working on a political campaign. His laid back demeanor let me be a free spirit. I was cool with it until he wanted to give me a key to his house. **Insert Dora blink* Honestly, we dated at a time we were both emotionally unavailable. He was looking for someone to rebound with and start a new life with, eventually. At the time, I was 24 and looking for someone to stunt and have fun with. We didn’t stunt too much, he was a home body and our 10 year age difference started to get in the way. Physical stimulation overpowered mental at the time. I just needed you to have a good job, nice car and a crib. Not saying that those things aren’t important to me now. It’s just… I need more internal wealth than external. Be able to give my brain a workout before anything else.

Back to the story.

When I parked I noticed his car. I confirmed it was him when I got to the door. I walked up behind him and took his fruit snacks. (Why was this grown man who works out buying fruit snacks at 9:30 a.m. is beyond me). Anyway. He turned around, showing a tense expression. Shawn relaxed when he saw it was me. After a brief greeting itt was my turn in line and I started to joke with the cashier about my friendship with my him. I said, “I know it doesn’t look like it but I’m his favorite young buck even though I’m 6 inches taller than him”.  Shawn says, “Nooo she’s my only young buck. ”

In that instance, I finally realized saying “Only” was not the same as being “The One”.

Being the only one…

that you can tell everything to

that gets it

that got me to go back to church

I can depend on

I can talk to

I let in

that loved me when I was unlovable

I let in my home immediately


The list goes on and on. All of the above statements mean nothing if you are not the one they will commit to. Understand it’s a comforting, convenient lie. Think about what the point of cake if you cant eat it?

Be the only one to love yourself enough to walk away. Date Responsibly.







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