I am mourning Prince the human not the artist


download (1)I  literally have every music medium in my house. From 45’s,  8 tracks,records, cassettes, CD’s and Apple streaming music.  If you give me an hour, I could probably find my personal CD player from 7th grade. I grew up with a natural love for music. My dad plays the electric bass guitar. At any given time you can hear my family playing a variety of music: Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Motown, Jay-Z, jazz and country.My parents are mourning the musician. My sister the performer.  However, I am mourning Prince because the world not only lost an artist but someone who was unapologetically them. This world is full of people wanting the glitter of others lives all while missing out on their own. Humanity gets lost in the approval of others to the point  we bury what truly makes us happy. We fail to realize people are going to always talk. Some of us want the treasure without the journey. We live in a culture where everyone is screaming they are diamonds but no one  wants to get cut.


I believe Prince left us with these lessons:


  1. How you start is not how you finish. Prince released his first album, “ For You” with very little hype. His next release, “Soft and Wet” introduced my favorite Prince song, “I wanna be your lover”. Not until the album “Prince” did his notoriety increase. By the early 80’s Prince had become an international icon with his platinum album “1999”. “Little Red Corvette” was one of the first videos by an African-American artist  to receive regular airplay on MTV. If he would have stopped in the basement he would not have broken glass ceilings.


  1. There will only be ONE Prince, like there will only be one you. Prince was not concerned with what others were doing or thought clearly. Men questioned his masculinity while their woman was in the next room falling in the love with a man wearing platforms better than her. The fact that he did what he wanted is really why he is an icon. Stop trying to be someone you were not meant to be. Everyone else is taken.


  1. Some things are NOT for the world. Let’s face it, there are somethings we will never know about Prince. In his life and his death there will forever be mystery. In doing some reading after his passing, I discovered he was a huge philanthropist. A part of the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) was that the organization(s) could not disclose he was the donor. Do things just because without always looking for recognition.  On another note,  all aspects of your life are not for the public. With social media you have the capability to share your every move within seconds. I encourage people to stop telling Facebook everything and write that book you have been dreaming about. Hell, you can even journal and get it all off your chest. All I am saying is, keep some things private.


  1. The point is to not stay the same, however still remain you. Over the years Prince did calm down. His music wasn’t as sexual and he started to wear a little more clothes on stage. However, he remained creative and outspoken.  I hate when people say you have changed. The point was never to remain the same. My heart is still the same, if not better. But if you aren’t growing you’re dying.


  1. The purpose is not to live forever but make something that will. This is what legacy building is all about. Build something that does not die when you take your last breath. This is why many times artist make a lot of money after their death. When Prince passed there were somethings that occurred that were amazing. Proof of his legacy and worldwide impact.
  1. The city of Minneapolis had an all night dance party. It was approved by the city and police that it had no end time.
  2. The City of Philadelphia lit the skyline with purple lights
  3. Google changed their Doodle for the day immediately.
  4. To top it off Snapchat a social media platform popular in the Millennial and Generation Z realm had a Purple Rain filter. Needless to say I was done.

Prince left this world having used all his talent. That is the purpose of life. Always keep that third eye open.


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