When God puts you on a bicycle… Part 2: Loving from a distance

I thought I was exempt from that feeling. Never thinking I would have to learn that skill. Learning to love someone from a distance is a contradictory feeling when love is an interpersonal experience. It’s crazy when two people have to do what’s best for them and it’s not in favor of the other person.  It all sounded so clichĂ© at one time. I thought I was exempt from this particular pain of the world. Still being mindful that the universe gives you what you need before you know you need it.

Walking around with your heart behind your back is worse than wearing it on your sleeve. After learning to love someone from a distance you have  to remember you can’t love anyone after from that same perspective. I’ve mourned a love from a grave but I’ve also mourned a love in the flesh.

It was naive for me to think I wouldn’t have to love from a distance after God put me on this bike. It feels like you are further from your heart but some how being closer to your self.

The irony of the world is you can’t break chemistry. It’s common knowledge a water molecule is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.You can mix hydrogen and oxygen but it still won’t make water. That’s the only way to explain some relationships. You really don’t know where they came from they are just bonded, naturally. They are powerful beyond measure, capable of changing the world. Water is useful but at 212 degrees water boils and becomes powerful. When water boils it is powerful enough to produce steam to move a train. I think it is no coincidence my birthday is 2/12. Human chemistry like water is found not made. Chemistry is hard to break from. There’s a reprogramming that has to occur. Still being mindful you must be open to new chemistry.

The hope is that loving from a distance  brings about two things; The distance either brings you back together on the same path  or the distance pushes you on the path of the right one. Crazy part is you don’t know until you get there.

Back to your regular scheduled program.


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