M is for May…and Mental Health


Mental health illnesses affect 1 in 4 Americans therefore, its bewildering that the subject is taboo. Regardless if you have a diagnosis, need one or don’t…your mental health matters. How you feel on the inside has a direct reflection on your outside reality.

Society has us thinking we are supposed to have it all together, all of the time.   I feel a slight rant coming on but I’m gonna to chill. *rolls eyes* People forget we are all people. All people have problems. My philosophy is that if you have a brain and feelings your mental health should be a priority. Yea, that’s basically everyone.

It frustrates me when people especially our people neglect their mental health. Trying to be everything for everybody. Forgetting that every one gets defeated, feels overwhelmed and gets lost in the damn sauce. Why is it so hard for us to talk about the condition of our mental health to help one another heal.

This week I participated in a workshop centered around telling your story presented by Ur Storytellers LLC. A powerful message that I took away was that “We are all in recovery and recovery is not exclusive to drugs and alcohol.” Life starts to life. People start to people. The world starts worldin’. We must be kind to ourselves first. Everyonedeserves a time out.

I wanted to do something to bring awareness to the topic this year. I am not personally affected by a mental illness. However, I am close to and love quit a few people who refuse to play victim to their illness. Stay tuned in the next week when I reveal what I have been cooking up!

Until then…think about what you do for your mental health?










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