What did game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals have to do with dating & entrepreneurship?…Everything

I did not religiously watch the NBA FInal until my junior year of college. The 2011 Finals went 6 games with the Mavericks taking the title. Yea, ya’ll remember that series.

Every night my cousin and I would gather at his parents house with his friends. Around the third quarter we would begin to make the necessary calls and put plans in motion for the turnup that followed on the back porch. For 6 games, we ate, laughed turned up and laughed some more. Like clockwork, I am reminded of these memories every June.

Oh how times have changed. Two nights ago, I preferred to go out and watch the game solo dolo at one of my favorite mexican spots. Even though I knew LeBron’s pride would not surrender to a blow out.I wanted to go out and watch the game. While patiently (not really) waiting for my crab quesadillas, I had an epiphany. Game 3 can be applied to life. How the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers performed thus far can teach us important lessons in dating & entrepreneurship.

If the Cavaliers were a personified in a romantic relationship they would be on the verge of getting dumped. When the other party in the relationship is ready to bounce then and only then do they kick it up a notch. Actually, more than a notch. They miraculously do what they should have been doing from the beginning.

And you are wondering how the Cavaliers relate to entrepreneurship?

If the Cavaliers were a small business they would be equivalent to not taking the necessary steps to maintain longevity. Businesses fail before they even have a chance due to the lack of proper accounting, marketing and other essentials put into place in the beginning. People want to get it together when its almost too late. When the s*** has threatened to hit the fan. When it’s do or die. Just like dating there should be a foundation laid first to make the house stable. Stop building relationships and business on soggy ass foundations. Be strong and consistent from the gate.

Now, I am bias towards Golden State. However, business and relationships can get a lot like GSW too. Sometimes in dating people want to give you all the good stuff at first. Do everything in their power to let you know you are on the winning team. As soon as they got you, as soon as they think they won they slack off. Once again, consistency is key. You cant ball the first 2 games, slack off and expect to win the series(life).

In business you can not let every success go to your head. You then have the illusion that you can chill. When in actuality you need to capitalize off the momentum and keep pushing to the end.

Just some random thoughts.

 So you are wondering who is going to win the series?

If we are going to apply the finals to life I think we should consider these 3 things:

All 7 games need to be played. You cant give up on life and goals just because one or two games did not go your way.

Every other game should be won. In reality life is full of ups and downs and its about staying consistent throughout the ride. You still gotta win the series though.

Make sure you are the MVP regardless. Yea it is a team effort be the person thats the flag carrier in your own life.


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