Small Biz Saturday…Every Saturday

I believe one way to strengthen our community and country is small businesses. The only thing that separates the middle class from the wealthy is their view on ownership.  This holiday season as you shop at the malls and major online retailers don’t forget small businesses that are the fabric of our country.

I have not been paid to endorse any of these brands.  However, I believe in every brand and what they offer. Also, they are ALL based out of the  Greater Philadelphia region.

  1. Fck Being Fat (FBF Fitness)- I have been following this brand since 2012.  I believe in Za’s mission of fellowship around fitness.  She has created an entire healthy program to lose weight with all the extra things you need to help achieve your goals. Fck Being Fat
  2. LulaRoe- Talk about being exclusive.  This brand only produces 5,000 pieces of an item of clothing nationwide.  You really don’t have to worry about showing up to the Christmas party with the same Forever 21 dress. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR A BUY SOME TIGHTS! They are quite heavenly! No really, like soft as clouds look.
  3. Coily Hair Jelly- No flake, no cake.  Even with the “best” natural hair products, there is still a residue.  Not with Coliy Hair Jelly,  it is made from all natural products of the earth. The simple formula can be used on all curl patterns and styles.  I have used it as edge control as well as for a twist out. Coily Hair Jelly
  4. The Aliel Company- This skin care company was founded to help women feel good on the outside.  However, the creator of the Aliel Company wanted help women feel better on the inside and consume more tea. Visit the website for tea and natural skin care Elements of Aliel or The Aliel Company  for inspiration and apparel.

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