#wcw: Whitney & The Reclaimed

IMG_6066.JPGEvery school I attended was small compared to others.  I got use to intimate settings and small group learning. I say that to say; when I began venturing out of the comfort zone of my small C.M.E. church and visiting Enon Tabernacle I was a little overwhelmed. Considering, it has a 5,000 occupant capacity sanctuary.  However, I was warmly greeted by someone who reminded me of my southern baptist roots.

Whitney Williams was the first person I met at Enon.  It was around this time that she started her blog “The Reclaimed: Refined & Refound Life”. Time flies, not only when you are having fun but when you are growing.  Whitney is a college graduate, an active member of our community & church.  Not to mention a top-notch thrifter.  I’m not talking about the gently used Ralph Lauren or discounted designer jeans.  I’m talking the “Gucci, Louie, Fendi, Prada”–vintage.  She is a bag connoisseur, to say the least.  Whitney took her love for finding great things and Jesus to the internet. Once strictly style, shopping, fashion, the beauty it is now a complete lifestyle blog. Can’t forget about the sprinkle of political relevancy.

Talk about starting from the bottom, now we here!” That’s Whit.  In just over 3 years she has built a blog using Blog spot, an iPad, and some elbow grease.  The Reclaimed has had 1.7 mm visitors to date. However, she remains humble(I literally had to pry that out of her) and gives all the thanks to her Dad ‘upstairs’.

On a personal level, Whitney has been a breath of fresh air in my personal tribe.  Not only are our birthdays are two days apart we share the same core values.   She has made me cry from laughing so hard; she’s also provided a shoulder for some real life adulting tears.  Whitney is a prayer warrior and beacon of light in the community and Christian community. Let’s not forget her sense of style and top notch capability to find a bargain.

To get a dose of that black girl magic head on over to her Instagram Page!

Find something to buy on Poshmark and get some style ideas on the blog.


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