5 Ways to build your dream while still working your 9-5

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone but I believe everyone should experience the joys of living out their dream.  Butttttt dreams take money and time, time & money. I’ve talked to friends and associates alike that want to break the monotony of the 9-5 cycle.  We all know wanting something and knowing how to obtain it are two different things.  


As a financial coach, I understand people have responsibilities and can’t just walk away from the job no matter how annoying it is.  So how do you change your perspective from a pointless 9-5 to viewing your job as an investor? How do you create more time & money we think we don’t have…keep reading.


  1. Make up your mind- Indecision paralyzes you.  Time is on not on our side.  No matter how far behind you feel.  Just make a decision to start and actually start.
  2. Don’t waste your lunch-  Everyone always says they don’t have time but you have to get creative with it.  I know everyone might not get a lunch “break” even though it’s illegal not to have one.  If possible,  take 30-60 minutes away from your desk to do non-work related tasks.  Make necessary calls, read a couple pages of a book or have lunch with a co-worker who is POSITIVE. Make it a power hour! You’d be surprised what you can get done.
  3. Use your income tax wisely-  I really don’t have to go too deep into this.  If you want different you have to DO different.  Check out this article out by colleague and friend, Ashley Fox to find different ways to spend your refund. Ashley Fox
  4. Make a practical to-do list & “Eat that Frog”- If you 1-3 properly, a to-do list should naturally come next.  However, we get overly ambitious, make a page long list (not that a master list isn’t necessary to guide you) and we get overwhelmed.  Every week I list 3-5 things that are IMPERATIVE to complete! Focus on completing one task a day and doing the most unfavorable, first.  For additional help read one of my favorite books, “ Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracey.
  5. Examine your habits- Your habits make or break you. Have an honest conversation with yourself about the habits that are not serving you.  Your habits should align with your goals.

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