Make Up X Break Up

Every day I get messages from the universe that I am on the right path with this entrepreneurship & dating blog.  I am beginning to notice I am not the only one wanting to explore the nitty gritty of relationships in your 20’s & 30’s.


I don’t watch a lot of television, at all. So when I discovered the new web series, “Make Up X Break up” I was elated.  Not only did I appreciate the quality production, timely releases but the storyline.  OMG! The storylinesssss are too real.  Not only can you identify with one story, you can identify with them ALL!  From time to time they have guy talk, so for us ladies, it’s a bird’s eye view into the conversations that guys have when together (now, of course, they have scenes when the ladies are talking while consuming wine).  In the last couple of episodes, scenes got too real.  I mean busting the windows out your car real.  However, I appreciated it didn’t go there.


I am all about growth and with every episode, it got better.  I found myself wanting to wait a while to watch so I wouldn’t be completely feigning until the next episode.  I love how the conversations don’t just revolve around dating, they indulge in conversations around careers, family, and entrepreneurship.


The main characters Brooke & Blake have a love story that most can relate to at some point in their own journey.  Don’t be fooled the supporting characters are just as heavy and provoke just as many thoughts.


What really goes down when you are young, black educated, in a big city and trying not to conform to society standards? Well…you makeup and break up.

*The 1st season ended concluded at the end of 2016, please watch, share, subscribe & DONATE!


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