The thing about love…

The thing about love is its simple, not easy but simple. People make it hard, harder than it was ever intended to be.  The truth is love at its root is an indescribable feeling.  One can never really find the right words to fit the feeling.  Often the words are inadequate and do not compare in size to the feeling.  I guess it makes sense why the biggest battle we have with loving others is communicating.  We don’t know what to say in the first place.  We come up short when we summon words to repair people & things after our words act as swords to the ones we love most.

Love is a precise feeling of intense emotion. Emotion is energy in motion.  Love finds you before you find it.


The thing about love is…it’s the torturer and the remedy.

So I decided to start a series about the good, bad and indifferent things we experience in love.


Have you always wanted to share with the world your definition or experience with love?

Been heartbroken?

Or the heartbreaker?

Love too much?

Never been in love?

Want to vent about a love gone wrong or love that wasn’t meant to be?


I want to hear from you! Please submit thoughts to
*Anonymous submissions are accepted


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