4 Things Remy Ma reminded us about Entrepreneurship

  1. There is no such thing as an overnight success.  NONE. Take your time and keep working at it. Remy was literally down seven winters & six summers.
  2. The worst thing you could ever do is count the underdog out.  It’s something about people thinking you can’t, won’t & shouldn’t that invigorates you.  Take pride in being the underdog.  Let people sleep on you including friends & family. It’s part of the process.
  3. Don’t stop, whatever you do just don’t stop.  Obstacles will always come when you are following your dreams & going against the grain.  I’ve learned that obstacles are indicators you are on the right path. The only way to guarantee you fail is to stop.
  4. Stay in your lane. When you don’t stay in your lane, the only feelings you hurt in the long run are your own.  Run your race & mind your business.

Slight Disclaimer: I am a fan of BLACK WOMEN, PERIOD. I’ve been fans of both Remy & Nicki.  I love and appreciate the brand & business that is Nicki Minaj. It is clear that Nicki has a higher net worth and is the highest paid female rapper of ALL TIME. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the best.  We are talking lyrics, bar for bar.  Nicki KNOCKED on Remy’s door and Remy ANSWERED!  They are both from NYC where hip-hop was BIRTHED.  Battle rapping is a pillar of hip-hop.  If you REFUSE to acknowledge Remy’s artwork we can’t talk about music and we definitely can’t talk about hip-hop/rap. THIS AINT ABOUT RECORD SALES OR ENDORSEMENTS B! Networth does not equate talent.  There is more talent in North Philly than Hollywood.

TRUTH BE TOLD from a branding and marketing aspect I hope both monetize off of this buzz.


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