I beat my alarm by one minute today, Thank God.  I rather the smell & sound of warm April rain hitting the window pain awake me.  Every morning I wanted to throw that damn iPhone against the wall.  It was 6:14 AM and Deuce had already fallen back asleep after calling out from work. He rarely called out of work but last night he started something he couldn’t finish.   I put my feet on the stool to hop off of the canopy bed onto the plush, newly laid gray carpet. I hate bright lights in the morning so attempted to find my Nike fLip flops by running my foot along my bed.

Once, I found my slides I went downstairs to the kitchen.  I grabbed two bags of smoothie ingredients from the freezer I already prepped.  After I grabbed the Nutri bullet,  I pulled the Oscar Meyer bacon from the bottom drawer.  When Duece and I reconnected two years ago we both decided to give up red meat.  Everything except bacon because bacon is its own food group.  

I blended both our smoothies and put his in the refrigerator and bacon in the microwave for later.  Pulling out my Macbook I sat at the island in the kitchen to begin my day.  That’s when I saw a purple sheet of paper fall out.

“Kree, thank you for loving me when I didn’t even love myself. For that, I owe you the world.




Rolling my eyes, I let out a deep sigh and shook my head with a smile. It hadn’t always been like this though our chemistry was always. We were the definition of “Oh, we grew up together”.

It was summer 2010 when I first meet Deuce.  Or should I say Deuce met me. It was at my friend’s block party.  I was at the cooler with my friend when he came up to me and said, “Yo you not from around here are you?”

I was annoyed.   Not necessarily at him but Youn and I was going through it.  So at the time, I didn’t want the male species even breathing too loud around me.  I wish he would have left me alone but no. Instead, he….

To Be Continued…


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