To be a step parent or not?

Recently, I was asked if I would ever consider being a stepmother.  My opinion was specifically warranted for one reason. To know me is to know I absolutely LOVE my step-dad who has been married to my mother for 22 years.  So much so, it feels weird saying step.  I have a strained relationship with my biological father. Be clear he is not the worst father buttt he did what he thought was best at the time.  I have two older brothers from my father’s previous marriages.  So that means my mom was a step mother at some point.  

With all that being said children aren’t a deal breaker for me. I personally believe this would make me a hypocrite. I’ve dated men with and without. BUT! (There is always a but) I would be lying if I didn’t admit  I do prefer to date men with no children.  

At the age of 27, I believe it’s a realistic preference.  I am personally in a selfish period in my life blame Venus being in retrograde.  By selfish I mean with time, energy and emotions.

The truth is there is no easy answer to this and you must do what’s best for you.  Everyone is different but I believe boundaries and expectations should be talked about sooner than later.  Here are some things to consider if you are single, dating or seriously considering getting into a relationship.

*Healthy relationships take commitment & maturity regardless of circumstances*

Advice when approaching this topic…

  1. Before you enter any situation identify what your non-negotiables are.
  2. Be honest sooner than later.
  3. Be open.
  4. Don’t apologize for what’s in your heart.

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