Mental health in the African American community is soooo taboo.  It’s not the mental illnesses that are killing us it’s the stigma and silence around it.  We as a people suffer in silence.  


Those who live with mental health diagnosis

Those who don’t have one

Those who need one.

Veterans who fought for a country that doesn’t love them

Rape & molestation survivors both men and women

Domestic violence survivors

Colorism victims

Children who have dealt with abuse and neglect

The black kid who lives in the suburbs and it’s “black enough” for his cousins around the way but is “too black” for his white schoolmates

And let’s not forget that every last one of us has been traumatized by the media whether or not we want to admit it



Last year, I wanted to spread some positivity in our community. So I decided to send affirmation cards to 20 of my friends and family. Since graduating college I have made affirmations cards a daily part of my routine.  My mom began speaking the affirmation “Keep your eye on the prize” over my life when I was a little girl.  Speaking positivity over your life can change it completely. Sometimes we all need little reminders to keep our head up on the journey. This year I have a goal of sending 50 sets of affirmations cards to a variety of people within the African-American community.  If you would like to receive a set or know someone that could use them please fill out the form below.

It’s time we start having the necessary conversations to heal.  It’s strength in that. We are not a weak people.  Telling your story of resilience and healing is not weak.  It’s liberation.



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