The Professional Bridesmaid

The ProfessionialBridesmaid.png

Recently, a friend of mine declined to be in the wedding of a friend from college.  Even though she wanted to share in the special day with her friend she could not afford it. It was the responsibility of purchasing her bridesmaid dress or bridal shower responsibilities it was all the other demands.  It’s not as an uncommon as you think for a Bridezilla to request her entourage to dye their hair, get tans or lose weight.

In July’s issue of Money magazine, I read about Jen Glantz a 29-year-old Florida native who is a professional Bridesmaid.  She got her start in 2014 when she made an ad on craigslist for Brides “who need someone to take control”.  She received over 100 responses and since then she has created several different packages ranging from $1,200-$2,000 to meet the need of all clientele.  Most of Glantz clients are those that need “Day of Coordination” ensuring all the small but important things are handled.  However, if you do need her to stand in for an estranged friend or family member that’ll cost you another $2,000.

And if you still aren’t convinced of this lucrative business, Glantz had 20 clients lined up for the spring wedding season.

Read the original article Here



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