Werk on you before you work on them!

Truth be told…everyone wants to be someone’s hero and everyone at one point in time wants to be saved. Sometimes we are just drawn to toxic people. I recently read an article detailing why we are attracted to toxic people. One of the reasons the article stated is because we are “fixers”.  Then it hit me, What would the world look like if we gave ourselves what we so diligently give others? What if we saved ourselves? What if we diligently fixed ourselves the way we fix others.

When we try to save someone else we place ourselves in sinking sand. Think about it, if you aren’t strong and whole how can you pull someone else up?  Regardless of how tempting it looks.  You truly you can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself first.

It’s easy to want to fix someone because we want to be fixed ourselves.  I just want you to know that everything you need is already inside of you.  You deserve, you.  

I believe in helping others & being a blessing but I also believe in not pouring from a dry cup.  Things don’t change overnight. I encourage you, today, to start taking small steps towards showing up for yourself.  Be kind, forgiving and nurturing to your damn self before anyone else.


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