(White) Women & Marijuana

womenmoney marijuana

It was Labor Day weekend 2015 when I was walking through  Atlanta’s Jackson-Hartfield airport and a magazine cover caught my eye. The cover had a  hand of a white woman holding a folded, crisp, blue Benjamin with high-grade marijuana lining the bill.  I stopped in my tracks and purchased the magazine. It had to come on the flight with me.

Since that day I have read more than a few articles on the surge of women entrepreneurs cashing out in the marijuana industry. As a woman, I think that’s great.

Butttt I am a black woman I can’t help but to acknowledge America being what it only knows how to be…AmeriKKKa. How many black men have been subjected to unfair jail sentences with ripple effects because of weed?

Oh! But nowww, it’s legal on state levels and all the damn soccer moms are capitalizing on it.  Not to mention, there have been reports that the programs that are available are shutting the door on us.   I mean, after all, this is America sticking to its true character.  

Now, that I’ve written that I believe the direction of this post has changed.  Yea, I’m tight about it.  I’ve thought about it but writing it is something different. If you know of any African-Americans who are killing the legal marijuana game leave their contact & website in the comment section.

I’ll start with my dear friend David Umeh who I attended Hampton with.  It’s crazy how the world works.  One day last year I was in Manhattan for a financial coaching training. While on lunch break I decided to separate from the group and go to Chipotle for lunch.  As soon as I left Chipotle I saw a familiar smile approaching me.  It was Umeh a friend of mine from Hampton who at that time I had not seen in 4 years.  What were the odds? I was in NYC for the day and he was there interviewing someone to possibly run a New York location for his new startup in D.C.  I remember looking at him and saying, “D.C.?” This is someone from Cali the Bay to be exact. What was his purpose of starting in D.C.? That’s when he informed me that D.C. was a better place for his juice company.  Cali had become too saturated in that market. Capital Juices sells fresh pressed juice using all local ingredients.  However, the juices will run you about $55 and delivery is next day.  I can hear you now $55? Yes, $55?  The juice is $11 and the difference is the cost of the marijuana..Yes, it’s legal, read more below.  To read more about Umeh and how we got started Click Here or if are in the D.C. area show now!


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