Deuce Part II


At this point, we had been friends for 7 years.  Through all the ups and downs I often swondered how we were able to remain, friends, this long. Out of all the other people, we had dated & befriended why had the universe chosen us to be this close. Sometimes I use to think we were together in another life. If in Africa we would have been a King and Queen reigning over an empire.  In the deep south, we kept our family together in a cabin.  We fought the front lines of the civil rights movement, together. During the time of the Panthers, just know we would have rolled tight.  I would have been ready over his shoulder to hit you in the head with a speech, a book or gun.  In the 80’s I would’ve been his corporate gun.  

Deuce and I had all different types of experiences.   Experiences that made us laugh until our stomachs hurt, moments of beaming pride, there were times we both cried out of frustration.   We shared confined spaces of intimacy, we also shared confined spaces where the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. Everything from professional basketball games to presidential visits.   However, the times I cherished most were the ones where the energy we shared could not be put into words.  We never ruined the moment with trying to confine those feelings to words. One night,  two weeks before his 28th birthday we were vibrating at a higher frequency than usual.  I was working on developing my business and he was creating art. We were each other’s missing element. Some things fused together by the earth can not be separated even though you wondered how & why they joined in the first place. Elements standing alone are powerful however it is known that some elements put together, change the world.  Chemistry is crazy.  Duece and I could be naked around each other with all our clothes on. Great things were created that night.  That was the last summer we were broke.

The first $250,000 we made was cool.  The process that it took was probably one of the most beautiful things either one of us encountered.  Often times people get hung up on destination and forget to enjoy the journey.  That night I learned to appreciate Deuce as a part of the journey and not just the destination.


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