I don't know at what point Deuce gave me his heart.  It's hard to tell exactly.  One day he confirmed what I thought I just felt. However, I don't think Deuce realized that as long as I had his heart he would look for me in every person he was with. When it came to … Continue reading Deuce


Deuce Part II

At this point, we had been friends for 7 years.  Through all the ups and downs I often swondered how we were able to remain, friends, this long. Out of all the other people, we had dated & befriended why had the universe chosen us to be this close. Sometimes I use to think we were … Continue reading Deuce Part II

Readables for the week ending 6/24

Hey Hey everyone! Here are my top 5 favorite articles about entrepreneurship this week. "Habits are hard to break, checking email is no exception" via "5 Ways to become a morning person"  via "The most overlooked skill entrepreneurs need" via "How to manage time with 10 Tips that Work" via "What to … Continue reading Readables for the week ending 6/24

5 Books for African-Americans & Mental Health

72 Hour Hold by BeBe Moore Campbell Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not by Terrie Williams Lay My Burden Down: Unraveling Suicide and the Mental Health Crisis Among African-Americans by Alvin Francis Poussaint ‘Soothe Your Nerves: The Black Woman’s Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic and Fears’  by Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett The … Continue reading 5 Books for African-Americans & Mental Health